"Dear All,

Tournament organizer & district chess association, The format for sending MCA registration players list 2014-2015 is available at @MCA / Downloads/ Forms & formats. You are requested to please send the registration list in this format only"

"Kind Attention to All Arbiters from the Maharashtra,

" As per EC meeting held on 9th March, 2014, in this regard, kindly note that from this year every Maharashtra arbiter Should be registered with the MCA. The fees for the registration is Rs . 200 & the registration form is available on the MCA website also @MCA / Downloads/ Forms & formats.

"Dear All,

To get the all benefits of MCA & AICF please registered with us for the Year 2014-2015, No one can directly registered with AICF unless he get registered with the MCA. ( Following are some exceptions for the same : ESPB, Banks Sports Board)"

"Please note that unrated players are allowed to participate in 'B' and 'C' Group of the 7th Mayor's Cup International Open Chess Tournament 2014"

Date : from 2nd to 9th June 2014
Venue : Worali, Mumbai 400018
Contact Person :Mr. P. B. Bhilare : 09869017221
Mr. Salil Ghate : 09870063785
Mr. Kumthakar: 9967373378
Mr. Praful Zaveri : 9820547548
Mr. Nagesh Guttala : 9702224442
Mr. Viswanath Madhav : 9820121241
Mr. Vitthal Madhav : 9702273330
Mr. Sekhar Sahu: +91-9438563193 (Foreign Players Registration)

Email : sekhar_im@yahoo.co.in

For More details plz download the tournament circular @ MCA / Downloads / Tournament Circular. The details about the hotels in the dadar are also available in the circular for reference purpose.

Dear Chess Player,

Cash awards for the players- Happy moment - MCA EC decided to give cash awards to meritorious chess players, if any other player fulfills the criteria, then please contact to MCA Secretary before 31st March 2014. Please see the list & criteria at MCA / Players Corner / Awardees/ title holder.

ICS International Open FIDE Rating Chess Tournament

Date : From 8th to 16th May, 2014.
Venue : Thakur College of Science & Commerce, Kandivali (E). Mumbai.
Contact Person :Registration Rajababu Gajengi(9324719299)
Email Id : Rajababugajengi@indianchessschool.com

Accommodation Kiran Wadia(7387092360)
Email Id : kiranwadia@indianchessschool.com

Accommodation Vikram Kadam(9819456556)
Email Id : vikramkadam@indianchessschool.com

Tournament Director FI. Praful Zaveri(9820547548)
Email Id : prafulzaveri@indianchessschool.com

For more details please download the tournament circular @ MCA/ Downloads/ Tournament Circular.

Maharashtra State Under 11 Fide Rating Boys & Girls Selection Chess Tournament at Nasik

Date : From 30th April to 4th May 2014.
Venue: MET college, Mumbai- Agra Highway, Nasik.
Contact Person : Shri Tushar Gosavi (9011001979)
Email Id : tushargosavi1@gmail.com

For more details please download the tournament circular @ MCA/ Downloads/ Tournament Circular.

Maharashtra State Under 15 Fide Rating Boys & Girls Selection Chess Tournament at Pune

Date : From 23rd April to 28th April 2014.
Venue : PYC Hindu Gymkhana, Deccan , Pune.
Contact Person : Shri Niranjan Godbole (9673003780)
Email Id : niranjan_godbole@yahoo.in

For more details please download the tournament circular @ MCA/ Downloads/ Tournament Circular.

To see latest Final report for the MCA-CIS Inter School Team Chess Championships, Pune please visit @ MCA /Players Corner / Tournament Report


Please note : As per FIDE rules no game will be rated if played without chess clocks. Further in case of any fine imposed by FIDE for event organized without chess clocks the organizers and their State chess association are solely responsible and the event also will not be rated.

"Jain Fide Rating Tournament"
Date :- Friday 18 April 2014 to Tuesday 22 April 2014
Venue: Saptak Sadan, Near Pankaj Lodge,Khist Lane, Ahmednagar.

Contact Person :
Yashwant Bapat.(09326092501) e-mail:-bapatyashwant@yahoo.co
Early Bird Entry has special concession on entry fee

For more details please download the tournament circular & also entry form @ mca/downloads/tournament circular

"Dear All,
As per EC meeting held on 16th December 2013- Jalgaon the new criteria has been formed for participation in National Tournament as donor entry. For details please see the Important Notices."

To See/ Download the Participants list of National Senior Arbiter Camp- Ahmednagar , From 11th - 12th Jan , 2014 Please visit @ MCA / Downloads/ Arbiters Zone

Dear All Parents & Players, To see daily Running Tournament Report & news.

Please visit our Tournament Report Tab @ MCA/Players' Corner / Tournament report.

Dear All,
The MCA Registration form for the year 2014-15 is available on our website please download the same under Forms & Formats.

Dear All Parents and Players,

Now you can follow us on facebook at Facebook/Maharashtra Chess Association Nagpur and on Google+ at http://plus.google.com/maharashtrachess
Do stay connected on both to get latest news and updates.

Dear All,

Parents, Players & District association,
Kindly note, AICF has provided strict guidelines related with Birth Certificate, Indian Players participating without Indian passport, & No foreign players without fide ID.
For more details please see important Notices.

To reimburse entry fee/ TA/DA for Seeded/ Selected Players participating in nationals, 2013-14.

Please visit : MCA / Download / Forms & Formats / Form & process of Reimbursement.

"Players who are willing to participate in the age group National's are requested to submit their DOB Certificates to AICF immediately to update our records".

MCA invites players to submit their Names and Rating for the selection of Maharashtra State Team for the upcoming National Team Chess Championship.

More Details see Important Notices..

Weekly Chess Problems

Find new chess problems every week at Shiven's Corner.
Send your answers at info@maharashtrachess.com.
Shiven's corner is handled directly by IM Shiven Khosla from Mumbai.

Very Important note for all
parents / players



"Players who are willing to participate in the age group National's are requested to submit their DOB Certificates to AICF immediately to update our records".

For more details please see
CSR Home Page.

Aicf Has a Very Strict Rule
About the Age Limit

For Arbiters – License and
Registration Compulsory

Entry Form For Nationals / Aicf

Confirmation For Participating
In National Tournament

Celebration-Chess Day
7th September

For National Challenger
Men/Women - State Tournament
Participation Compulsory

Fide License For Unregistered

Caution Notice - Participation
In Unauthorized Tournaments
July 07 2010 - This is to inform all chess players / organisers / officials that any chess event organized under the banner of "Chess Association of India" is not recognized by the All India Chess Federation...