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Nubairshah Shaikh of Thane Wins Praha International Open Rapid Chess Championships, Reached International rating of 2400+

Prague, Czech Republic, 18 January 2015 : Nubairshah Shaikh, 17, of Thane, studying second year Diploma in Civil Engineering at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute , Mumbai was participated in four European International Chess Championships and wins Praha International Open Rapid Chess Championships in Prague , Czech Republic. He remains unbeaten in the event scoring 6 ( 5 win and 2 draw) points in 7 rounds and gained 36 Elo rating points.. He was 9th seed (2236) before start of the event. Total of 59 players from 8 countries were participated including 2 GM, 1 WGM, 3 IM and 1 FM

He played ever best in his chess carrier and increased his standard rating by 150 Elo rating points in three tournaments . i.e. 2275 to 2425 and by crossing 2400 rating achieved one of the mile stone to become International Master.

Groningen International Open Chess Festival (Netherlands), 20 to 30 December 2014 : On the occasion of 400 years to Groningen University in 2014 , he was one of the invited player invited by Groningen University to take part in. Total of 110 players from 21 countries were participated including 12 GM, 19 IM and 14 FM which made the stronger tournament field , in which he gained +19 Elo international rating points.

XXVI Abeirto International Open Roquetas De Mar Chess Championships 2-6 January 2015, Roquetas De Mar, Spain : Total of 122 players from 16 countries were participated including 10 GM, 11 IM, 3 WIM, 14 FM and 3 WFM which made the tournament field tough on top boards , in which he scored 6 ( 5 win and 2 draw) points in 9 rounds and gained unbelievable +55 international rating points. His starting rank was 35th and I stood 15th in final standing.

Praha International Open Chess Championships A ( 14th International Chess Festival Series of Czech tour), 9 to 16 January 2015 , Prague, Czech Republic: Total of 193 players from 36 countries were participated including 10 GM, 16 IM and 19 FM made the tournament field very tough and strong.. He scored 6 points ( 3 win and 6 draw) in 9 rounds. He was 31sth seed before start of the event. He remain unbeaten in the event and stood 19th in Final standing and gained +76 Elo rating points . He defeated International Master of Russia in 5th round and I got the best game prize of that round amongst 95 games.

Nubairshah said , " This was my best achievement in chess carrier. I am very happy. I missed my IM norms just by half point last rounds of Spain and Czech tournaments but gained 150 elo rating points. My coaches GM Praveen Thipsay and IM Sharad Tilak took very positive efforts to improve my game to 2400 standard rating. Firstly I have to obtain my remaining 2 IM norms and again improve my game to progress further. My VJTI institute allowed me to participate in the event. "
श्री -संदीप पाटील यांना
आगरी क्रीडा भूषण पुरस्कार
..१३ वे राज्य स्तरीय आगरी साहित्य संमेलन - १० - ११ जानेवारी २०१५ रोजी पनवेल बांठिया हायस्कूल च्या मैदानात पार पडले ..."
..........आगरी समाजाचा मानाचा क्रीडा क्षेत्रातील " क्रीडा भूषण " पुरस्कार मान माजी खासदार लोकनेते श्री -राम शेठ ठाकूर यांच्या शुभ हस्ते श्री - संदीप पाटील यांना देऊन गौरविण्यात आले. प्रमुख उपस्थिती मान . आमदार श्री - मनोहर शेठ भोइर , संमेलन अध्क्ष्य प्रा . चंद्रकांत मढवी सर मान .श्री - मोहन भोईर आगरी नाटककार, श्री -रवी शेठ पाटील - कर्णाला स्पोर्ट, श्री - मयुरेश कोटकर अभिनेते , मान - कांतीलाल कडू संपादक निर्भीड लेख श्री - भूषण पाटील विश्वस्त जे एन पी .टी - इतर मान्यवर यांच्या उपस्थित सन्मान प्रदान करण्यात आला .
श्री -संदीप पाटील यांनी लहान वयातच बुद्धिबळ आवड निर्माण केली आहे .त्यांनी तालुका . जिल्हा स्तरीय बक्षीश पटकावली आहेत . पनवेल कॉलेज चे सलग तीन वर्ष विद्यापीठ स्पर्धा खेलले आहेत .
१९९० पासून ते जे एन पी .टी -बंदर मार्फत भारतातील प्रमुख बंदरात बुद्धिबळ स्पर्धेत भाग घेत आले आहेत . त्यांनी उरण तालुका चेस आसो .ची स्थापना करून उरण परिसरात आज ताज पर्यंत जवजवळ ११०० च्या वर विध्यार्थी प्रशिक्षण दिले आहे . चेस इन स्कूल उपक्रम रायगड जिल्हात यशवी पने राबवत आहे . महारष्ट्र राज्य स्पर्धा उरण येथे घेऊन त्यांनी यशस्वी पणे आयोजन केले होते . ते रायगड जिल्हा बुद्धिबळ संघटना सचिव व महारष्ट्र चेस असो .च्या कार्यकारणी सदस्य आहेत .
त्यांनी हा पुरस्कार त्यांची आई -स्वर्गवासी सौ . वनिता रा. पाटील व वडील श्री -रा .स .पाटील गुरुजी यांना समर्पित ...!
मान .माजी आमदार ,श्री विवेकानंद पाटील साहेब मान . श्री अभिजित कुंटे ग्रांड मास्टर. श्री - दिलीप पागे. सचिव व महारष्ट्र चेस असो श्री - फारुख शेख सर जळगाव .श्री -यशवंत बापट अहमदनगर श्री मनीष पटेल नंदुरबार श्री - शोभ राज खोंडे ,श्री -मुकुंद सोमाणी -संगमनेर , तसेच श्री - भूषण पाटील -विश्वस्त जे एन पी टी , मान -रवीशेठ पाटील कर्णाला स्पोर्ट , श्री - महादेव घरत अधाक्ष्य द्रोणागिरी स्पोर्ट , सौ = मानसी ताई पाटील -सरपंच बोकाद्विरा , सौ - हेमलता पाटील - महिला नेत्या ,श्री -जे .जे पाटील सर कब्बडी असो .रायगड . व श्री - भगवान पाटील -माजी सरपंच बोकाद्विरा यांनी अभिनंदन केले आहे
Sub: Maharashtra prodigy Dev shah now a world schools chess champion

Maharashtra prodigy Dev shah now a world schools chess champion

A prodigy from Mumbai and India's youngest to become a rated chess player, seven year old dev shah came up with his flash of brilliance that saw him clinch the most prestigious , "world schools title " in the Under-7 category of the world schools chess championships that concluded at Juiz de fora , Brazil this Thursday.

Dev, a trainee of South Mumbai Chess Academy and student of Dhrubhai Ambani School has come a long way for the last four years when he started as just another kid at the age of 3, enrolling in a chess institute, where he showed early signs of great potential which was duly noted and refined into the boy who is now the reigning champion of one of the most coveted titles of the year - The World School's Champion!

On Thursday, at Juiz De Fora as the event came to a close, a new phase begun for Dev who won in the U-7 Category playing chess champions for 27 countries, being the first from Mumbai to ever champion the event. He was among the three who scored the highest score which was a 7.5 points out of 9 tied with Ochirbat lkhahvajamts of Mongolia and Sindarov Islombek of Uzbekistan. However he was ruled the victor on account of a better aggregate score.

With this title he also qualifies to hold the privileged title of Candidate Master, which is awarded by FIDE,with a current international Rating of 1448, dev is one of the finest with a profile that is filled with numerous national and international awards, and is being trained since he was four to become the country's next date player, and his current achievement which will be a significant step towards the goal was a result of strategic training and development of his talent and skill by his team of coaches at SMCA.

His parents Rahul and Krupali Shah residents of Napeansea road ,are undoubtedly the ecstatic and quite deservedly on the top of the world, just like their son and express their bliss with the words," We are proud to be the parents of a World Schools chess Champion!"

One of his coaches from SMCA, DV Ganesh has expressed that their faith in his talent was unfailing and that they all ways knew this day would come, and despite the expectation it felt phenomenal.

Whereas, chief coach of SMCA and FIDE master, Balaji says, " When someone like Dev Shah who comes from a city like Mumbai and becomes a World Champion,it is pretty huge accomplishment. And further, it is moments like these which inspire the young talents across the country to explore their talents".

Well While his parents and coaches are hailing the new world schools champion and comparing him to the current chess sensation , Magnus Carlsen , the little dev is vowing to beat Magnus, who says " Anand is my favorite , his techniques and tips have helped me to win this world schools chess championship ", when Anand was in mumbai last month for the promotion of world junior chess championship , Dev interacted with him and also seek his blessings for a successful event.

" Dev will revolutionize chess not only in Mumbai but across the country and bring lots of excitement among younger viewers says, nagesh guttula, Jt.Secretary, Mumbai City District Chess Association.

Dev Shah, has put his name down in history with his victory and will undoubtedly inspire countless to hope for such herculean feats as they step into a world of their favorite sport.
10th Asian Schools Chess Championship: 3 Medals for Players from Maharashtra

The success story of India's domination at the world chess continued at the 10th Asian Schools Chess Championships held at Taichung, Taiwan from 23-30 August, 2014. OF the 42 medals at stake, Indian players bagged a total of 9-medals! And, of these 9 medals, 3 were won by players from Maharashtra:

Raahil Mullick from Mumbai won the Open Under-07 with a score of 7/9 by edging out top-seeded Amirul Amir of Malaysia on a better tie-break (direct encounter).

The youngest group in this section, U5 Open witnessed Kush Bhagat from Mumbai clinching a Silver Medal with a score of 5/6.

Sharang Sanjeev Kapoor from Nagpur won a Bronze Medal in the U15 Open with a score of 6.5/9.

By virtue of winning the title, Raahil Mullick and Sarang Sanjeev Kapoor were also awarded the title of 'Candidate Master'!

FI. Praful Zaveri
Nominated Coach
The three FIDE Rated players from the Indian Chess School recorded their career-best performance at the 13th Dubai Junior Chess Championship held at Dubai Chess & Culture Club from 12-18 August, 2014.

In a field of 138-players from 12-countries, 10-year old, Ridit Nimdia (seeded 43rd, ELO 1381) secured joint 3rd prize with a score of 7/9 to bag the 3rd prize of US $ 740. His only loss in the tournament was against the ultimate champion, WFM Assuabayeva Bibbisara from Kazakstan. In addition, Ridit also gained 117 ELO points from this event.

Whereas another 10-year old, Soham Palkar (seeded 32nd, ELO 1457) secured joint 4th place with a score of 6.5/9 to bag a prize of US $ 165. While 62nd seeded Rahat Mhatre (ELO 1136) scored 6/9 to secure a creditable 19th position and in the process added 170 points.

The students are being trained by FIDE Instructor, Praful Zaveri at Indian Chess School.

Dev Shah wins Gold in the Commonwealth chess championships, Glasgow, Scotland.

Current Maharashtra state champion & India's youngest rated chess player, 7 yr old Mumbai chess prodigy Dev shah of SMCA created a new record by winning Gold in the prestigious Under-10 Commonwealth Chess Championships 2014 in the mixed category of boys & girls concluded at Glasgow, Scotland.

This is dev shahs second big win after winning a silver medal in the Nationals Schools chess championships last month in New Delhi, by winning Gold in U-10 commonwealth , in a category where he being a seven year old should have been in the back of the line, he took the reigns in his hands and stunned his predecessors with his absolute skill and talent and ambition to win no matter the opponent.

Dev has been felicitated with a winners trophy ,certificate & a prize money of 200 pounds.
his parents rahul & krupali are very ecstatic over his grand victory.

Dev currently preparing for the world youth chess championships to be held later this year in durban,south Africa.

Dev shahs Gold conquests so far

Gold medalist in the boys & girls category of U-10 commonwealth Chess championships 2014, Scotland

Gold medalist in the U-7 Maharashtra state chess championships 2014

Good medalist in the Asian schools chess championships 2013 srilanka

Double Gold medalist in the Asian schools chess championships 2012


Thane, 10thJuly : Twentith Commonwealth Chess Championships 2014 was organized by Scotland Chess Federation under the auspices of World Chess Federationbetween 30Juneto 8 July 2014 at Glasgow, Scotland. Total of 198 players along with 9Grand Masters, 3 Woman Grand Masters , 10 International Masters, 3 Woman International Masters , total of 141 international rated players made the competition tough to win and play. Event was played with Swiss league of 9 rounds in Open, U-16, U-14,U-12 and U-10 categories separately.

International rated player Nubairshah Shaikh (2237) studying Second year of Diploma in Engineering at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai was participated in the event. He was officially selected in Indian team to play Under- 16 category. He finished the event with 8 points (8 win and 1 loss) in 9rounds andplaced second and won Silver Medal for India.He only lost one match with India’s Gold Medal Winner IM ArvindChithambaram. He defeated Koehn Lennart of Scotland, Tshabala Ernest of South Africa, Nicholas Thomas of Wales, V Varshini of India, Reid Caitilin of Scotland, U. Ashvini of India, Conti Mathew of Scotland and Calderon Paul of USA.

He also played in Commonwealth Open Chess Championsip and had shown his talent with titled players. . He defeated experienced and senior GM Dibyendu Barua (2452) of India, Drew with GM Saptarshi Roy Choudhary( 2428) of India, IM Wang Puchen (2450) of New Zealand and Scotish Champion FM Tate Alan (2339 . He made 5.5 points ( 4 win, 3 draw and 2 loss) in Open Group. Because of his outstanding performance, raised international rating by 28 points.

Nubairshah said, “ I feel very happy that I earned Silver medal for ournation. I performed well in both the event. Again I want to improve my game to better level. I am preparing now for World Junior Chess Championships, which is scheduled at Pune in October 2014. ”

Chess Players IM Shardul Gagare and Aakanksha Hagawane Felicitated

Mumbai boy, Siddhant Lohia of Dhirubai Ambani School and chess prodigy of the SMCA has went on to win his second international medal by winning bronze at the Ultimate World Schools Rapid Chess Championship 2014 that concluded in kavala, Greece last wednesday.

Its one of the greatest tournaments of the year, with participants from over 29 countries in the world and from the age group of U-7 to U-17. He participated in the U-9 Open Category Rapid Chess Tournament which was conducted in 9 rounds over two days.

Siddhanth after playing against chess champions from Greece, Moldova, Russia, Italy, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan and creating an upset by drawing against the reigning Asian Champion Sindarov Javokhir of Azerbaijan and defeating World No.2 Sulemani of Uzbekistan (which also became the biggest upset of the tournament) and scoring 4.5/5 in the first day and 7/9 on the second and after a tie for the silver medal, Siddhant emerged victorious with flying colours claiming the bronze and with it making himself a part of the top 10 in all the three categories of chess. He has not only put his name down in history but also created a benchmark by his performance and a global fan base!

Siddhanth's parents sushir & sheetal lohia are completely overwhelmed by this success of their son, they both believe that it is product of a combined effort of Siddhant, his coaches at SMCA and his school and that all the sacrifices made by them, by him and all involved in his training have all yielded in this win.

As for his coach Balaji guttula , who his on the high skies after Siddhant's feat believes that his current standing is a great achievement and that his player has the potential to break the 1800 barrier in his FIDE rating within a year! As for Sid he understands the value of delivering a performance like this at this stage and was over excited and ecstatic as he received his medal and is now looking forward to relax after this fierce competitive routine.

His next tournament at the international level will be at the World Youth Chess Championships that will be held in South Africa later this year.

For now we are all extremely proud as this is one step closer towards our dream of making the city and the state, the chess capital of the country!

Siddhanth Lohia wins bronze in World schools Rapid chess in Greece!

Local girl Aakanksha Hagawane and IM Shardul Gagare were felicitated by Pune District Chess Circle, Maharashtra Chess Association and Symbiosis SPA for their latest achievements in Chess. This event was organised at Symbiosis SPA by PDCC, MCA and Symbiosis SPA. Jt. Secretary MCA Moreshwar Bhagwat, Director Symbiosis SPA Satish Thigale, Secretary PDCC Niranjan Godbole and Grand Master Abhijit Kunte were present on the dias along with Shardul and Aakanksha. Mr. Jayant Gokhale, Aakanksha's Trainer was also felicitated. WIM Mrunalini Kunte-Aurangabadkar, Mr. Prakash Kunte, Mr. Shekhar Jori and Mr. Rajendra Shidore were present amongst others.

IM Shardul Gagare was felicitated by Mr. Moreshwar Bhagwat and Dr Satish Thigale for winning the Gold Medal in the Team Event for India at the World Youth (U-16) Chess Olympiad held in China. He also won the Bronze Medal in the Individual Category. He also recently completed his first GM Norm at a Tournament held in Spain.

Local girl Aakanksha Hagawane was felicitated by WIM Mrunalini Kunte-Aurangabadkar and Mr. Niranjan Godbole for winning the National U-13 Chess Championship held recently at Puducherry. Her Trainer Mr. Jayant Gokhale was also felicitated by Dr. Satish Thigale along with her. Pune District Chess Circle announced a cash prize worth Rs. 11,000/- for Aakanksha on this occasion.

Best Performance by Aakanksha and Abhimanyu at National under-13 Chess Championship, Pondicherry-2013

Aakanksha Hagawane of 13 years, from Pune created history by becoming National champion from Maharashtra in National under-13 Girls' Chess Championship at Pondicherry. She scored emphatic wins over World Champion R.Vaishali (under-12 Girls) and Asian Chess Champion Riya Savant (Under 14 Girls) on the way to her title.The 8th standard student from Deccan education society-Aakanksha gained unbelievable 121 Elo points due to this victory.

Maharashtra missed a grand double when Abhimanyu Puranik (8.5) tied for top place in Boys section but finished second due to lesser tie break. However Maharashtra will have extra 5 seats in the next year at National under-13 Championships because of their good performance.

Both, Aakanksha and Abhimanyu are trained by former National Junior Champion Jayant Gokhale.

July 07 2010 - This is to inform all chess players / organisers / officials that any chess event organized under the banner of "Chess Association of India" is not recognized by the All India Chess Federation...